What you put into worship…

Last night, I headed out with a group of amazing people to Radius Church in Greenville.  Included in the four carloads that made up our caravan was a good friend who had asked to join us.  The service (if you’ve ever been, you know) was a meal together, worship and communion.

It was amazing to sit with friends and family from school and the community and catch up with one another over some amazing food. 

One of the main reasons i have fallen in love with Radius is the community aspect.  Everyone there genuinely cares and loves one another.  It is something that took me off guard the first time i journeyed there last semester, but i cannot see a church or body of believers without it now. 

As we talked and sang worship and praise, I realized something.  My good friend sat there in silence, not talking, not singing, not joining in the community that makes Radius what it is. 

We all worship in different ways.  Some sing while others dance.  Some soak it all in while others pour it all out from their hearts.  I worship differently than the rest of my family and friends.  But as a whole, if you pour your heart into worship, you will come out satisfied.

If you walk away from worship not satisfied, ask yourself why?

Every time I do, i find that my heart was not in the right place to worship my Savior fully. 

I have heard people blame the praise and worship bands, that the music wasnt how it was supposed to be.  To tell the truth, the band doesnt matter.  Simple fact.  If you enter worship more concerned about the music, your heart isnt in the right place to worship.

I’ve heard people complain about the way others worship around them, or they dont feel comfortable worshiping the way they want to.  In the grand scheme of things, the only thing that matters is you and God, no one else.  If you are more concerned with what other people are doing or how they view you, is your heart ready to fully worship the God of all nations?

If you are not free to worship with your full heart, moving with the spirit in song and dance, then find a place where you can.  Find a community of believers that you feel comfortable around and join them in communion of the spirit.  Not every church is right for every person, i understand that, but the church shouldnt matter when it’s just you and God.

I know that the spirit is moving, and moves through each of us in different ways, but one thing is true about all of us.  The Spirit of God does not call us to sit in silence, it calls us to Worship God with all our heart. 

Just some things to think about…

God Bless and PEACE


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