No Justice in Words…

I’m finding it more and more difficult to explain this past summer’s mission trip to Uganda. 

At home, I tell people that I went on a medical missions trip, serving the staff and patients at the Agule Community Health Center and helping with construction of the Maternity Ward, and they look at me like I have two heads.

Here at school, I tell people the same things, and they ask me how many people were saved or if I shared the Gospel with thousands.

I dont think people understand what the purpose of our trip was about.  We didnt go over to Pallisa, Uganda with a Bible in each hand preaching to the people.  We didnt go to count how many people were saved by a rehearsed message of forgiveness and long life.  We didnt go over to Uganda with the intention of selling the Gospel to the people. 

Our purpose was simply to serve to the best of our ability.  We took the Gospel over in our hearts, trying to live it out as we struggled with health and sickness around us each and every day.  We couldnt keep count of the lives that were changed because of our presence, we were more concerned with loving each and every person in our path to count.  We were giving our lives as a testament to the written words of God. 

Missions trips our too often misunderstood by Religion.  Our society is obsessed with immediate results, that we often times forget what it means to live fully for God. 

As Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, we must learn to stop thinking as the world thinks and start seeing what it’s like to live.  Missions work should not be about numbers, but about the people you serve and the community that you interact with. 

If we really believe and want to live out the Gospel that we preach, we need to turn our backs to the world that we live in.  This may mean changing the way you think or the way you act.  This may mean turning your back on what your friends say (or worse, what your parents teach you). 

God is calling us to be above the numbers and the petty things of this world.  He has called us to a higher standard of living, and a higher standard of evaluating effectiveness. 

God Bless and PEACE

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