Where the Heart is…

There are times in life and places in the world where you can feel that this is where you belong.

In the four weeks that i spent at Agule Community Health Center in Pallisa, Uganda this summer, each and every day I felt like this is where I belong.  Each day, I woke with an unexplainable joy because i felt Gods presence there.  I felt his hand resting on my heart, telling me that, in those moments, this is exactly where he wanted me. 

We dont always feel that.  To many times do we tell God that His plans will not work because our plans our different.  We may think we have big plans for life, but God’s plan is ultimately bigger than we can imagine.  He doesnt want us to be content in life, he wants us to be filled with adventure and burning passion for him, every moment of every day.

Yesterday, i moved back into college for my last year of schooling (unless i realize that God is calling me to Graduate School).  It is always an adventure watching the new freshmen move in. 

This morning, we had a Family Worship Service, where we packed in hundreds, if not a couple thousand, of people into the auditorium to worship and hear Clayton King speak about the joys and struggles that we all face in College.  As we sang along to worship songs, I knew that this was where God wanted me to be. 

Again tonight, as i journeyed with a group to Radius (a small church in Greenville), i felt the peace and joy that comes with knowing that God was and is smiling upon us.  I knew that this was another place that God specifically put in my life. 

I didnt find these places by living contently.  It would be easy to hang up the missionary hat and sit down at a steady desk job for the rest of life.  It would be easy to get a job and get paid and repeat until im retired and living in an assistant living center.  I didnt find these places by being ok with the mediocracy that surrounded me.

To find these places where we individually find the presence of God, you must be willing to risk everything.  You must live dangerously in the presence of God, and learn what it feels like to fear. 

God is calling us to jump.  He is calling us to put our trust in him, to either give us soft ground to land on or give us wings and teach us to fly. 

You wont find God by being content with living, you will find Him when you take the heart he gave you and ran with it.

Just a thought

God Bless and PEACE

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