How We See Atheists

As Christians, we often hold our heads high, looking down on anyone that doesnt see eye to eye with us, even other Christians of different denominations.  As a student at a Southern Baptist college, i have seen and heard views, like this one (the article under discussion), that call Atheists unAmerican and call for either an exodus or ‘clensing’ of Atheists from America. 

(This isnt just an American thing, it goes on all around the world in Christian nations and nations of other religious practices.)

Yes, our nation was built upon Christian values.  America is also a melting pot of thousands of cultures and ethnicites.  If we were to say all Atheists should leave, what makes us different than Nazi Germany saying the Jews and Gypsies are inferior?  If we force all those who dont believe in the God that we do to leave, then wont we be the only ones here? 

We wouldnt stop at Atheists.  We’d go to the extreme and kick out all the Muslims and all the Jews and the Agnostics.  Then we would get into the argumentof which Christian denomination was the nation founded on (which would be different for each original colony) and then kick out everyone who isnt Protestant.  And it would be a continuous battle over who is right and who is wrong.

And in this process, we (America) would loose who we are. 

I know people who would argue against me on this issue, but America is the land of the Free.  We have the freedom to choose to worship any God or no God at all.  We have the right to speak out against what we see as wrong and defend what we see as right.  As long as we respect each other (Christians respecting Atheists and all other Religions and views of Faith, and vice versa) then we will keep our nation the land of the free.

In saying all of this, I may not agree with other peoples views and i might voice my opinions about the views in question, but i try to be respectful of others as well.

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. morsec0de Said:

    “Yes, our nation was built upon Christian values.”

    Well, yes and no. There are some values our country was built on that are most often associated with Christianity. And there are quite a few (freedom of speech being the most obvious) that are decidedly unChristian in nature.

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