Heaven and Hell

I ran across an article that posed the question “What if [Athiests] are wrong?”  It’s an interesting article and brings up some tough questions, but I’m not going to discuss everything that was written.  Something bothered me when the author, theBEattitude, simply asked Christians if we were more excited about heaven, or more terrified of hell.

I find that question hard to answer.  I have been asked this before.  Are we Christians because we fear what may come after death?  For a lot of people, I believe that they do.  But if you are looking forward to heaven after you die, you may have already missed what it means to be a Christian.

The Kingdom of God is present.  It is here and now.  We live in it, because the kingdom resides in each of us.  The Spirit of God resides in every heart that is willing to accept it unconditionally.  In doing so, you become part of Gods Kingdom. 

If you are a Christian because you want to party with Jesus after you die, you’ve missed the point.  He didnt call us to serve him in heaven, he called us to serve him where we presently are, in this broken world. 

Just something for both Christians and non-Christians to think over.  The Way (as it was called by the early believers) isnt about death, it’s about living. 

God Bless and PEACE


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