Christianity and Alcohol

I recently read an articlefrom RELEVANT Magazine about Christianity and Drinking.  It is an amazing article that lays everything out fairly well.  It talks about the ups and downs and all the fun grey areas in the continual argument of whither Christians should abstain from alcohol all together to joining in on the party.

Personally, i have my own code that i live by.  I have personally chosen not to partake in any alcoholic beverage.  Its a personal choice.  I am the only person in my family that doesn’t drink, and they respect that (it’s taken a couple years, but they respect it). 

I do not have any problems with people that drink socially.  I do not find anyone at fault (or sin) at having a beer or two over dinner.  It wouldnt bother me if a priest or pastor sat down at the table or chair next to me and ordered a drink. 

Growing up in a Catholic household, both my parents and almost all their friends would drink.  My parents would have cookouts and jam sessions where alcohol would flow and the nights were lovely.  We had Catholic Priests and Lutheran Pastors join us and enjoy themselves.

I see no problem with it.  But on the other hand, i see the reasoning behind alternatives (more specifically the Communion Wine or Grape Juice).  A good friend that i spent the month with in Uganda said that the reasoning behind Grape Juice is so that those who are struggling  with alcohol are not tempted each week when they go to church. 

I see how consuming to much alcohol is extremely dangerous.  Just watch freshmen ruin their first couple weeks at school, even at a Southern Baptist school like Anderson.  I have seen friends and family drink to much.  There is a fine line that must not be crossed. 

Once one is drunk (past “a little fuzzy”) then there is a problem.  Personally, the problem starts when one feels fuzzy to begin with.  We are told by our pastors and by our families, do not get drunk, but there is never a definition of drunk.  Thats how we see it, anyways.

When alcohol has taken its effect, and you start to act differently, then, in my mind, you are drunk.  If you are tipsey, fuzzy, giggly put the glass down. 

I dont drink, partially for fear of loosing control, but because i do not want to put myself in a position that compromises my own integrity; physically, mentally or spiritually.  I dont want to look back and say, i wish i hadnt done that.  I’ve already done that enough times in life. 

We each live by a code.  Like the knights of the medieval ages, we must hold true to what we believe, or we can no longer call us ourselves.  Once we bend or break the rules of these codes we live by, we continue on. 

This is how i live, abstaining from alcohol.  I do not expect everyone or anyone to hold the same values as i do, but i do expect people to respect them. 

Just a couple of thoughts, God Bless and PEACE


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