Reveling in the Sins of the Past

I find it very easy for people to talk about their past when telling others all the bad things they have done.  I feel surrounded by people here at home that love to talk about how, in high school, would get trashed at parties, waisted on weekends, and engage in sexually immoral acts on a regular basis.  They talk as if they are proud of the fact that they did drugs, drank to much, and slept with numerous people.

I know it is just “part of our culture” but these are people that call themselves Christians.  I know that sometimes i fall into the same trap, reveling in the sins of yesterday and celebrating all the stupid things we did when we were ‘kids.’  There is something totally wrong with this type of thinking.

As Christians, our old lives are dead.  We have been born anew in Christ.  (read the Gospels, Acts and then all the Letters written in the New Testament of the Bible, great books to live life by) 

All our sins have been washed away.  Clensed.  If they have been taken from us, then why are we still holding onto them like badges of honor? 

I am a living testament that Christians mess us.  I am not perfect.  I screw up all the time.  But we don’t have to bear our sins.  We shouldn’t want to.  They are the reason why we should be dead before the eyes of God.  But they have been taken from us, hung on a Cross to Die.  All my sins, all the sins of the world have been lifted off our shoulders, but for some reason we like to hold onto them.

We, Christians, are called to live by Gods standards.  We have the privilege of having an example to live by.  We shouldn’t be reveling or wallowing in our sins.  We should be learning from them, and living above them.

We remember them because we are human, but they are no longer ours.  We have a new life, all of that is dead. 

Don’t live life looking back at what has been, you will miss everything God has placed before you.

God Bless and PEACE


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