Akia-Ashianut and Uganda

In a matter of days I will be heading over to Pallisa, Uganda with the group Akia-Ashianut to help out at the Agule Community Health Center for the next month.  Our mission is one of community, service and love. 

There are myself and 11 others leaving from Washington DC on friday morning to serve in Africa.  We will be there for the month of July, and will be returning the night of the 27th / morning of the 28th of July. 

I will keep this short, but we still need support.  We are in need of prayer.  I ask that you pray for courage and strength to make it through difficulties that we will face while over there, love and compassion for the people of Pallisa, and spiritual, mental and physcal well being for the duration of the trip.  I am not asking that you pray for our safety, for we all know that sometimes the most dangerous place to be is in the presence of God and where he wants us, so instead pray that we will have the community that is needed to stay in the shadow of God’s wings.

I am not sure if i will be able to update this blog for the duration of the trip, so do not count on any updates until late July or earlyAugust. 

God Bless and PEACE


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