Accepting Christ and Surrender

There is a fundamental difference between accepting Christ into your life and surrendering fully to the will of God. 

Many people accept Christ into their lives.  We are a broken people before our perfect father, stained by our sins and unclean before the throne, but in accepting Jesus, we state that He died for all of our sins; past, present and future.  We take the freedom of this sacrificial gift (we have done nothing to deserve this) and are able to stand before God, a new being.

For some, it stops there.  They have accepted the gift of the blood of God, but they are reluctant to actually follow God, to surrender everything to him.  We live in a world of greed and wealth, prosperity and oppertunity.  Everyone wants to live the ‘American Dream’ and own a house with a white picket fence and a two car garage and earn enough money to raise our 2.5 kids and retire with enough to lay back and watch the world pass us by. We want to take the easy way out, the get the most out of life while doing the least amount of effort. 

It is hard for us, as a society, to follow God because we do not worship him first and foremost.  Instead, we worship Idols of money, technology, freedom, liberty and prosperity.  We want God to do everything for us, while we do nothing for Him or his Kingdom. 

God calls us to leave everything behind and follow him.  He doesnt want followers that look back at what they still have, because if we have all that stuff, where is there room in our hearts for him? 

To surrender to the calling of God means to put aside the luxuries of a retirement, benefits, vacations, wealth, storehouses.  Many of us cannot do it.  We cannot live day to day on what God provides becaue society has trained us to focus on tomarrow and the years to come. 

I put this challenge out to everyone.  Let go.  Trust God.  Learn to surrender all into the hands of your Lord.

God Bless and PEACE


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