Misconceptions and Assumptions

This past weekend i was at a family friend’s son’s graduation party (my God-Parent’s son) and i saw something interesting about people.

At the party, most of the guys were swiming in the pool, rough-housing, wrestling and attempting to play no-rules water basketball.  There was a motley crew of us, composed of family, friends and other assorted people.  After a while, we got tired and took a break from trying to kill eachother over a quickly deflating basketball and got to know eachother a little better than just a face and a name.

I was the odd one out.  Unlike most of the guys, i was not from the area, nor am i actually part of the family, so i started talking to some of the guys about school, life, art, and world issues (small talk, nothing to deep or serious).  Then, a coment was made that shook me and caused a couple people to be surprised at my response.

Ryan, my ‘cousin’ who was graduating, made the comment that God hated him (it had started to thunder, so we all had to pile out of the pool) and one of his friends made the comment “Well, maybe we should just kill him again.”

After this comment, he immediately realized that i was offended and said that he was an Athiest, and had assumed that because i was an artist and into Star Wars, i was also an athiest.  He was far from the truth.  Quickly, i became the person to avoid in the crowd of friends, and i came to see some things clearly.

Firstly, i realized that most people, including myself, quickly jump to conclusions about people through words associated with different things.  Like this kid associating me to athiesm due to my interest in art and sci-fi, people often assume and associate people to things becasue of interests and simple words, preconceptions and society.  I jump to conclusions a lot of times, and 99% of those happen to be wrong about people and events. 

Secondly, i realized that people dont jump to the same conclusions as everyone else.  Humans are complex people, and every single one of us are unique and believe in one thing or another.  No two people are going to look at one situation and see exactly the same thing, it doesnt happen. 

Third, i realized that many people, especially younger people, call themselves Athiests when they arn’t really athiests at all.  Like my ‘cousin’ Ryan, many people, especially guys for some reason, try to fit into the crowd and will associate with people because its the cool thing to do.  They call themselves one thing, Athiests, Christians, Agnostics, Pagans, and they dont know what the difference is from the next.

We need to be more direct with people.  I dont like conflicts, especially if it will cause a big fuss or scene and i dont especally enjoy calling people out for their beliefs, even if they are wrong. 

I was thinking as i rode back home this morning, are a lot of Christians like these high-school graduates?  Do they claim to be Christians, but nobody really explained what it actually ment to them?  Are so many people claiming to be Christians when they are waivering on the issues of true faith? 

We, as Christians ourselves, need to step up and take point and be leaders.  It cant always fall to people who have a Masters or Ph.D in Religious Studies to be leaders, but it needs to be everyday people like you and me.  We need to lead through our own walk with the Lord, studying the word, walking how we talk, being Christian Men and Women of Faith.  We need to be the ones to take action and take others under our wings, lead group Bible studes, disciple those who are new to the faith or questioning, learning to love with all our hearts unconditionally, no matter who the person in question. 

God has called each of us into service.  It is time to take up are own crosses and bear the burdon of spreading the Light of Truth into the darkness.  We can no longer assume that because people say that they are Christians that they have it all together, because some of us dont. 

Go and serve those in need

God Bless and PEACE


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