Unanswered Prayers?

There is one thing that frustrates me the most about people.  It’s when they say “I asked God for ________, and He didn’t give it to me.”  and then use that as their arguement that God isnt present or doesnt exist. 

I heard a story while listening to Positive Rock Radio (which i stumbled over a couple days ago) that is a powerful reminder that God is so much bigger and knows what is good for us.  It sums upas follows:

A Christian Marine was with his unit, driving through the Middle East in their carravan when a massive sand storm hit, halting them in their tracks.  He prayed to God that the sand storm would stop so that he could finish his mission and return home safely to his family back in the states.  As the winds continued to blow, he became increasingly frustrated with God not giving him what he wanted. 

A couple of hours latur, the winds died and the Christian Marine realized why God had sent the winds of the sandstorm.  The wind had revealed a series of landmines and IED’s in their path which had not been visible before the sandstom. 

This is a powerful reminder that God knows whats good for us.  He loves us, and sometimes he protects us from our own recklessness and wants.  Sometimes he wants us to learn that what we really ask for is not what we need. 

I do not believe in unanswered prayers.  In time, God will reveal his answers.  And to be blount, sometimes the answer is No, we just dont want to accept it.  At times we are so impatient, or so cought up in what we want, that we ignore the answers to our prayers.  Or we overpower the gentle whisper with the noise of our hearts and minds.

Just a thought

God Bless and PEACE

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