Faith in the Storms

So many times I hear people say, “God, shelter me from the storms” or something to that effect.  Is it because we are afraid to face the challenges that life places before us? 

Last semester while at FCA one night, we sang a song and in the first couple lyrics it said something about God being our strong fortress in the storm, and something started turning in my head.

I realized something as i stood there.  So many times people hit storms and instead of searching for God, they search for a clearing or a safer place than where they are.  People dont want to be in the storms, they want to be hidden from them.

I dont want God to hide me from the storms in life.  I want him to give me the courage to embrace them, to ride the waves, and to find Him in the struggle.  I want to learn how to trust God to guide me through the storms.

Following God is not supposed to be safe.  Jesus didnt tell his followers that thye would be safe, that everything would be alright.  No.  He told them that they would be persecuted, turned away, rejected.  Many of them were killed for following him, beaten within inches of their lives, put on trial, crucified.

Jesus asks u to follow him through the struggles of life, through the storms.  So i dont intend on asking him to provide me safety through this journey of life.  The most dangerous place, at times, is in the hands of God.

We, our society, are so focused on ourselves, our safety, our lives, our stuff, that soetimes we forget that God called us to give up everything and follow Him.  It isnt supposed to be a nice, clean path lined with gold and pillows so that when we fall we dont scratch our knees.

The path God has called us on is overgrown with weeds, something we so often forget about.  In following God, we must confront and weather the attacks of Satan at every turn.  We are told by so many that when we accept God, He will catch us every time we fall, protect us from death and stop evil from entering our lives.

That is what Satan wants us to think.  In accepting God, the temptations of sin will not magically go away.  Nor will the stumbling blocks of life and the world disappear. 

To many people abandon ship and search for an island amidst the waves when the seas of life get rough.  We forget that where God sends us, Satan will be there also, attempting to thwart Gods plan wherever and whenever possible.

God never said we would not get harmed.  Ask Paul.  Ask Peter.  Ask the thousands of martyrs who died in His name during the persecution of the Romans and other governing bodies of the world.  Ask the missionaries in war torn nations.

God didnt ans will never abandon his people.  He knows we will get hurt following Him, and He will constantly be at our side when it happens.

He has not abandoned us when the storms hit.  We have abandoned Him.

When storms hit, will you start looking for someplace safe to rest your head, or will you stand beside your God, your Father, Lord, and Savior and look to Him for comfort? 

You will get wet.  Knocked down.  Thrown around.  But you will always be picked back up. 

God Bless and PEACE


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