Are we questioning Faith or Religion?

It surprises me, how often people tell me that they have turned away from God because of things they see people doing.  In the news, we constantly hear about Priests and Pastors abusing their congregation, taking advantage of the position that they have been put in, both finacially and personally.  We here about extremists who distort and take out of context scripture from the Bible and the Qur’an to prove that what they do is ‘Holy’ (this goes for all Religions and Faiths). 

My heart breaks for each and every person who abandons faith because of what they see people doing or the wrongs they see in religion. 

As a Christian, i also see faults in certain aspects of organized religion.  The strongest fault that i see is the division of believers into seperate churches.  We have the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and hundreds of smaller divisions that cuts through the single Body of Christ.  The way i see it, Religion has brought the fall of Faith.

Faith is ones personal trust in things unseen.  Religion, on the other hand, is humans response and tradition to try to comprehend things unseen.  Religion can influence faith, as it should.  But ultimately, your personal Faith (whatever it is, Christianity or not) should be able to stand when and where Religion fails. 

If your faith is strong, and the foundation secure, then nothing people will say will tear it down. 

I say this in a response to a number of comments that i hav heard and seen throughout my journey.  In conversations with self-proclaimed Athiests and Agnostics, with Clergy of the Catholic Church and that of the Baptist Church, with friends that know scripture and those that do not, questions and doubts will come up. 

Hear me, let me say that one more time.  Questions and Doubts WILL arise as you discover your own personal faith. 

Do not fear them, for they will strengthen what you believe.  In searching for answers, we dig deeper into what we truely believe and rairly find answers, but more questions. 

Faith isnt something that anyone can fully comprehend, it is a journey.  Constantly leading us to find something new in what we thought was all there was to know.  No Religion has all the answers that will satisfy every persons questions, none ever will. 

Christianity isnt a religion, it is a faith. 

Just something to think about.  I hope i made a little bit of sense…

God Bless and PEACE

[edit: some of the responses have been deleated due to (what i see as) personal attacks.  my responses have been deleated also.  I dont feel like this is the time or place to have a full blown arguement, that was not and will never be my objective with this blog.  I hope i have not offended anyone in doing this.]


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