God’s Calling… (Uganda)

A couple of years ago, God placed a heavy burden on my heart.  I felt a call that was irresistable and so moving, that it changed the way i looked at the world. 

When God calls, we must follow.  That is what i have done.

At Passion 07, the begining of my second semester at college, i first came to feel the call of God that has led me on this crazy journey.  It was there that i first came to see the group, Invisible Children and learn of the plight of the people of Uganda.  I felt my heart go out to the children who have been raised in this region of the world, where for the last 20 years, war has claimed thousands of innocent lives, through child soldiers, famine, disease, rape and other attrocities of war. 

It was there in Atlanta, alongside of 40,000+ college students, that God shined a light down the path before me. 

On the last day, in front of the whole crowd of friends and students that surrounded us, the speaker started to go through a list of things accomplished by those present.  He stated how much we raised.  How many lives would be changed.  And how many people decided to follow a call into the unknown.  He asked all those that sighned up to go on a year long missions trip (to somewhere, i cant recall) to stand and be recognized.  Then he asked that all those present that felt Gods call into the missions field, to please stand.

I didnt realize until that moment, when i lifted myself off the seat and stood before the throngs of people, that God wasnt calling me to be moved, but to GO. 

Two and a half years latur, i have finally gotten that oppertunity.  For so long, i pushed Gods calling asside, saying i didnt have time, didnt have money, didnt have the strength, until i ran out of excuses.  With the help of friends, family, people that i dont even know, i started looking for an oppertunity to go and serve in Uganda. 

So, i sent out a bunch of e-mails, spent whole afternoons calling different organizations, and slowly began to feel like i was just running around in circles.  One day, after a banch of no’s, i got an e-mail from a lady who worked at Young Life.  Someone had forwarded an e-mail to her, and she basically said, “Hey, i run the YL stuff over in Africa.  We dont have an oppertunity to go over to Uganda at the moment, but a couple friends of mine went last summer and are planning to go again!  Here’s their contact info, etc.”

I was stunned.  Here i was, about to give up, and God just threw this oppertunity in my lap.  So, as i was sending a thank you response, Anneka (one of the girls who runs things) sends me an e-mail saying, “hey, we heard you want to go to Uganda, want to come with us?” 

(well, not exactly like that, but it was fairly close)

And i was like, “YES!!” 

So, thats how i got in contact with Akia-Ashianut, an amazing bunch of college age people who want to see a change in the world.  They, Anneka and Danielle, along with Scott and many others, have been amazing people to get to know and learn from. 

So, on the 26th of June, Me and 14ish others will head off to Uganda for a month that will change our lives.  We will serve with our hearts open and our hands outstretched, because God has given us this oppertunity. 

Eventually, i will put up more information on the trip, but in the meantime, please be praying for the whole group.  Pray that we find comfort and strength in the Lord, as we prepare our minds and bodies for this journey ahead of us. 

God Bless and PEACE


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