Thinkin’ ’bout Home…

In the last couple weeks of being home for summer from school, many things have run through my mind.  A lot of soul searching and realizing how much the community at Anderson has helped me to grow, both as a person and spiritually in my walk with the Lord. 

I was wandering through some of my friends blogs and came across something that Christina wrote.  She wrote:

I don’t quite belong here and I’m learning that very quickly as I keep getting lost. God reminded me of something however. It really doesn’t matter where you are, and when your comfort zone is pulled out from under you, that is when He is truly strong. For many of my friends going away to different camps this summer, different countries, or maybe just home to work, remember that in our weakness God is the most strong.

For me, this struck something deep within’ me and i realized some things that God was trying to show me. 

It is easy for me to talk with people about faith at school, but as soon as i get home, its like a wall goes up around me, people asking me not to mention God, or good friends dropping the conversation and walking away because i mentioned the amazing things God has done in my life.  Its hard for me to talk to people at home, because the ‘me’ they know no longer exists.  That ‘me’ died on a cross and i have been made a new person, because God has loved me more than i can ever imagine. 

I struggle with words in conversation.  It’s always been a struggle for me to say what i really need to say, in fear that it comes out wrong.  So, i say nothing at all.  I know that this is a weakness, so i try to live my life so that i only have to use as few of words as possible. 

I try to walk the walk, and at school, it is easy to do, because everyone is trying to do the same.  But as soon as i step back into home, its like a whole different world. 

God uses us when we are weak.  God uses us when we are broken.  When we are struggling.  When we are barely above water.  Surrounded by opposition.  Defeated.  Lost.  At home with the old crowd.

God uses us when we are down, to show us how strong he is, and to help us to trust in him.  Always. 

Just a thought…

God Bless and PEACE


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