Sometimes arguing faith and beliefs with people can feel like smashing your head against a brick wall.  Over and over and over again. 

I find that some of the hardest people to reach are those that are close to us.  Those people we dont want to offend because we fear the reprecussions of our actions and our words.  We dont want them to get angry with us because we value the friendship that has formed. 

We dont want to say things that will hurt those close to us, but sometimes it is those words that need to be said the most. 

I have a friend who doesnt want any recognition for her actions because anything good in their life doesnt come from them, but from God.  They cant understand why people constantly give them praise when they dont deserve it, but people dont understand that they want all the praise to be given to God. 

At the time, i didnt have the words to give them.  Everything i said brought up new arguements for some thing or another.  But i was talking to a good friend who brought up a good point.

People who do not have Christ in their hearts will never see Christ in us.  All they will see is our actions that are different from the world.  And in seeing how we act, they will know we are different.  And through this, we can explain why we are different, because we have Christ in our hearts. 

People recognize our actions because the world has not accepted Christ.  With that said, how can they accept our actions, what they percieve with their eyes, as something that didn’t come from us?

What i’m trying to get at is that God wants to use our lives to influence and affect the world around us.  We cannot say that we surrender our lives over to him if we cannot accept the fact that sometimes people will remember us because we were different and through that, God works in their lives. 

Why does it matter if the world remembers our name or not, or recognizes our picture or just see another face in the crowd, if they will always remember how we acted and how we lived with a higher standard of God’s Love.  If remembering our name or face helps them recognize God working through the world, then so be it.  It shouldnt change anything if we have truely surrendered it all to God. 

Just some words for thought…

God Bless and PEACE


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