The Most Beautiful Praise

Today we celebrated the resurrection of our Christ and Lord, Jesus.  We celebrate Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, in many different forms, from traditional to contemporary, from a scripted procession to a movement of believers.  I was honored to celebrate this Resurrection Sunday with Radius, along side of some amazing people of faith.

As we gathered for the celebration we feasted, remembering the death of Christ, but more importantly, his conquering of the grave.  We celebrated with songs, with baptisms, and with breaking bread with fellow believers. 

One one side of me, as i sat at the table, was the group from the university, all amazing people and great friends, but on the other side of me was a family with two small children and the most adorable little girl.  With most young children, she distracted us college students almost the whole time.  it was amazing. 

As we sang, we stood, praising God’s work in the world and our lives.  One of the little girls (she must of been about 7 or 8, give or take a year or so) from the family beside me decided that she wanted to stand on a chair beside her mother and sing also. 

The thing about little ones is that they dont know if they are in or out of key, and to be frank, they dont care.  That is how this little girl was.  She sung at the top of her little lungs.  It didnt matter that she was out of key (sharp by a long shot) or that she was missing half the words, she was the most beautiful voice of praise that i have heard in a long time.

It was amazing because whe was giving all she had to praise God.  She didnt care about what the world thought of her singing or the fact that someones ear was a little less than two feet from her mouth, she sang with everything she had.

I think at times we forget what it’s like to really praise God with every piece of our broken hearts.  If we are truely praising God for how amazing he is we shouldnt care how the world looks at us.  We shouldnt stop singing because we arnt in tune.  We shouldnt stop dancing becasuse everyone else is still.  We shouldt ignore the Spirit because the world sais so. 

We should take a lesson from the children, and truely give ourselves oveer to God when we worship.

Just a Resurrection Sunday observation…

God Bless and PEACE


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