What’s Left on the Field

Have you ever noticed people watching you as you go through your day?  Or maybe you dont see them, but they come up latur and tell you what you did right, or wrong?  Does it feel like people are watching your every move, your every breath, you every step along the road of life?

Have you ever gotten mad at someone, shouted out a curse, then realize who all heard you?  Or struck out in anger, physically or verbally, and then wish you could take it back because of someone you saw watching your every move?

As Christians the biggest way we share the Gospel of Christ is through our actions of every day life. 

If people notice something is different about us by the way we act towards one another, then why do we act like everyone else in the world?  Why does nobody notice something different about us when we are not on a stage preaching, or sitting with others teaching, or alone reading the Bible?

At times I am ashamed of some of the things people, who call themselves Christians, say and do to fellow brothers and sisters. 

On campus, like many campuses across the nation, there has been a huge movement that so many call Ultimate Frisbee.  Yes, it is a fun recreation sport that everyone loves to enjoy by partaking in or by watching on the sidelines.  I play for fun, but others are extremely competative and vicious about winning. 

As the group of us were playing (we probably had 30+ on the field) I noticed something.  Some of the people who were watching were watching more than just a game.  They were watching how we acted as we stepped away from the pulpit and stage and onto the field.  I wish I could say that we all acted out what we preach week after week at FCA, Chapel, BCM, Bible Studies, One-on-Ones, and in our Praise and Worship Sessions on the lawns of campus.

Inside, my heart ached because something inside of each and every one of us changed as we stepped foot onto the field.  It was like the game wasnt part of our lives dedicated to Christ.  And those that watched saw the change. 

As Christians, we shouldnt change how we act and who we are when we step onto a field, into our car, onto a stage.  We have to preach the Gospel through our every action in life, be it in a foreign land, here on the soils of our forefathers, in the fields of sports, onto the stage,  pulpit, soapbox… it doesnt matter.  If we dont live what we talk about, then people will see that we are failing. 

When we lash out in anger, we preach something different in our actions than with our words.  When we talk about someone behind their back, we prove to others that Christians are no different than anyone else.  When we go out to parties and drink, we show people that to be a Christian, you dont really have to change, you can still live in a life of sin. 

I dont want to look back at my life and realize that how I was acting distroyed everything I had built while preaching with words.  I dont want to see the message of God change to fit the world.  I want to see people change from the world to who God wants them to be. 

We preach the Gospel every day through the way we act towards on another, by how we talk in everyday life, by how we share our hearts with others, because that is how God calls us to live. 

As the saying goes, “Preach and Share the Gospel every moment of the day, and when necessary, use words.”

God Bless and PEACE


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